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Escort Frequently Asked Questions (Escort FAQ)

What is a "top" or "bottom"?

A "top" is the one who inserts and a "bottom" is the one who receives the insertion. If you need a better definition goto unbandictionary dot com. 

If you have any questions of what stuff means, GOOGLE IT! It only takes 5 seconds or less.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do you have any AGE restrictions?
2. What is a "top" or "bottom"?
3. Can we go out on a regular non paid date?
4. Would you have drinks or dinner with me?
5. I am a first timer, is that okay?
6. How long does a session last?
7. When will you be coming to my city?
8. Am I gay for wanting to see a transsexual?
9. Do you ever ask for tips or upsell?
10. Do you plan on having the final surgery?
11. Do you have any discounts?
12. Do you have any half hour rates?
13. Can we do a hookup?
14. Do you have any totally nude photos?
15. Are You Functional?

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